Monday, March 13, 2017

AR and VR


AR, augmented reality, is when the a 3-dimensional world is overlaid digitally using some sort of technology. Examples include Pokemon go, where pokemon could be seen when your phone was aimed in the correct place.

VR, virtual reality, is a completely digital world created by a device. They are controlled by the user's movements, such as when their head turns, the digital world turns with them. Examples include the Oculus rift.

2. VR is being used by doctors to construct digital versions of bodily scans so they can be 3 dimensional and easier to view. Then, these scans can be used for virtual training.

Museums are using VR to make their experiences better, as users can be transported to a museum in their own home. The British Museum in London and the Natural History in NYC have already started this.

For augmented reality, construction companies are looking at ways of "blowing up" items to further see how they could fir into the real world. Other uses include mapping pipes across places where they are planned to be.

Sports games, especially football use augmented reality and we don't even realize it. The lines across the field in sports games are all augmented on the screen by computers.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Aliens Double Algorithm

The Aliens algorithm is a program that is determining the score depending on how many specific items there are in a list. A function 'find aliens' is defined,  and then counts up each item depending on the color. Each counted number is added to the 'grand total' and multiplied by its respective point number. 'Grand total' calls the function 'check score' which determines the correct number of points to be awarded.  After all the totals are counted, the 'grand total' is returned, and the awarded points are fully determined.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

These Questions need to be Answered

1. The three things that need to be submitted are the algorithm thing, the abstract thing and the video that shows how all of it works.

2. Well the whole program needs to be included somewhere.

3. What the algorithms purpose is and how it works.

4. How the abstract works.

5. A minute or under and 30 MB or less

6. All of it needs to be PDFs 

7. The very last part at the very end.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Abstractedly Gaussian

With the main part of the program contained into one abstraction, the math becomes far more simple. The program is squished down into one defined function. The python program has the defined function 'gauss addition' with a 'total' parameter. Total has been set to zero. With gaussian math, adding 1-100 becomes easier. Having to write out that would be tough, and that is what my program does instead. The abstraction takes all of the addition and puts it into one. There is a while loop, along with math, printing and returning.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Gaussian Algorithm

Remember gaussian addition? Well I sure don't. In the the gaussian system, a simple way to add the number 1 - 100 is used. The algorithm in the program is a used to do that. It is a while loop that uses different parameters to loop until the range is reached. A variable 'first number' is equal the variable 'total', which pops in zero. A variable 'last number' is set equal to 'total', which pops in nothing. A variable gauss number is set to sum of 'first number' and 'last number'. A variable 'total sum' is set to 'total sum' plus one. By having this algorithm be a while loop,  all of these continuously run until the set range has been met.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Christmas 2014

During Christmas 2014, life was not fun. Many people had just received their new gaming console and were eager to try it. So many new Xboxs and PS4s for everybody. But that's not how Lizard Squad felt. In a major Ddos attack that week, the hacking group lizard squad brought down Xbox Live and the PS Network, with no monetary benefit for them. They claimed they did it because Microsoft and Sony should not have that big of security flaws in their networks and were opening their eyes. In October of 2016, two 19 year old members of the group were arrested over the attack. Way to ruin christmas.